Fix my brains

By mattie, Fri 07 February 2014, in category Personal

brains, health, mental health, socphob

On Thursday I decided to reach out to my GP and talk to him about my mental health. For the last year and a bit I've felt a lot more secluded, quiet and less social. Although, I've always been quiet in social situations, I have felt this more so in the last few months.

Over the last couple of weeks I've chatted to some of my gaming buddies about the situation I feel like I'm in. One of the guys, whom I've known for a very long time posted about his condition and how EMDR therapy helped him quite significantly, along with talking to a psychologist and that he is doing a lot better than he has been before. His story gave me a more faith in 'seeing someone about my problems'. Also, over the last couple of weeks I've had my bestie come over from Melbourne and we talked about mental health, as she's studying to be a nurse, I made a promise to make sure I ended up seeing someone to get the ball rolling.

I've always felt a bit 'out of it' when I'm around people. Recently I've just frozen up during conversations, not sure how to continue, my mind literally goes blank. This has started happening a lot more, even when talking to people I know very well and enjoy their company. I guess that's what triggered me seeking more information. I haven't always been so quiet, it's almost like I'm not myself. I'm not even making hilarious puns as often anymore, I'm like a piece of flint that's lost it's.. spark.

Anyway, back to the GP, talked to him, a quick checklist of things could indicate a social phobia, which most my symptoms contain. He gave me 3 suggested ways of going about the treatment. Group therapy, CBT or medication. Also he gave me a test to do once I got home.

So, right now I'm looking into treatments and seeing what would benefit me the most. Leaning more towards CBT. I'd rather fix my way of thinking then take a gunshot approach.

I'll continue to post my progress here.